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Triangular Barkcloth Wrap Choker Necklace

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Product Description

This triangular wrap choker is a piece from our signature barkcloth necklace collection, AWOLO. And the best thing about wrap choker is that you can be as creative as you can on how to wear it. We even found more than 10 ways to wear it -- as a necklace, ring-bracelet, belt, and headband!

Encouraging zero waste culture, we use remnants of barkcloth material from bigger products that we made (bags, totes and home goods) and combine it with available recycled materials for the inner parts, such as but not limited to paperboard, bamboo and wooden scraps, and adjustable cotton suede cord.

Each necklace is non-identical due to material character of barkcloth, which makes it unique -- even when two or more items applying the same design. The entire AWOLO Barkcloth Necklace Collection is designed and handmade with love by our founding artist.

Remnants of barkcloth* (paper mulberry and ficus sp.5 treebark), recycled paperboard, cotton suede cord.
(*) Our barkcloth material is ethically-sourced and handmade by indigenous artisans in Bada Valley, Central Sulawesi.

- Cord Length: 116 cm
- Triangular Pendants (each): 4 x 6 cm


Item Specifications

Product TypeNecklace
PriceSGD 20.00
Availability Unavailable
Country of OriginIndonesia
Size Cord Length: 116 cm | Triangular Pendants (each): 4 x 6 cm
Material Barkcloth (paper mulberry and ficus sp.5 treebark), Recycled Paperboard, Cotton Suede Cord

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